Thursday February 14, 2013

Analytics Success Achieved between Planwatch and WLT Partnership

CLEARWATER, FL: For over a quarter of a Century WLT Software has been an international leader in providing claims administration software, and professional services solutions. As part of the dedication and commitment to our Clients, WLT focuses on bringing top notch vendor relationships and integrated products to the forefront.

“Due to industry demand and client requests for web based reporting, one of WLTs most successful integrations and relationships have been working with Planwatch to create a benefit plan informatics platform – BPIV2," said Chuck Brooks, Executive Vice President of WLT Software.

“The ease of this system is fantastic! The implementation was very smooth and with our WLT connection, it is super easy to transmit our files. Our clients have loved having this much information provided in such a user-friendly easy to understand format. Our brokers love it because it gives them the tools they need to help their client make informed decisions about their health plan and keep an eye on their healthcare costs“, said Angela Yonts, KHA. “The BPIV2/Planwatch team are top notch experts and really work with you to make sure everything goes according to plan. We are very delighted to have this to offer this to our clients and brokers.”

“WLT went to the marketplace to evaluate reporting products that would provide Clients with an economical user friendly data analytic and plan modeling tool, while providing unlimited user access and all inclusive reporting”, said Chuck Brooks, “Planwatch was chosen and BPIV2 was born.“

“I have never experienced such a smooth product implementation. With minimal involvement, our organization had a usable product within less than 30 days,” said Donna Pelham JFP Administrators.

“Our clients and brokers can securely access aggregated healthcare data, with drill down capabilities, in a more efficient manner, any time and from any location 24/7/365. The reports are very user friendly and intuitive. This invaluable reporting tool will not only ease administrative functions but it will be a HUGE selling/retention advantage in the growth of our business.”

“WLT and Planwatch took the time to develop a tested module that would transmit claims data to ease the implementation process’, said Georgeann Seuffert, Vice President of Sales, Planwatch. “This proven solution has generated many recent implementations and excitement among the WLT users. Everyone involved in the BPIV2 product are committed to bringing an efficient health plan management tool.”

About WLT Software

WLT Software is an international leader in developing advanced benefit plan administration and claims adjudication software for Insurance Companies, Government Employee Plans, TPAs and Self- Administered Groups. WLT's philosophy of Client Directed Development provides the flexibility to meet the unique needs of each client and proactively adapt to changes and trends in the Benefit Administration industry.

WLT's core systems were developed with the understanding that every organization has its own unique needs and requirements. Whether administering multiple plans covering millions of lives or one plan covering a small group, its scalable solutions can be tailored to fit the organization's needs. For more information, visit

ABOUT ProServe Health Informatics

Planwatch is a product of ProServe Health Informatics. It was developed in 2005 by company co- founders who recognized both the need and the solution for an economical, user-friendly, high level data analysis and reporting system for Third Party Administrators, Insurance Companies, Self-Administered Employer Groups, Stop Loss Carriers, Cost Containment Companies and Claim Adjudication Systems. This web based product allows Third Party Administrators to gain a thorough understanding of the needs of an employer population. By streamlining the reporting process, TPAs are able to share this valuable detailed claim information to assist their broker partners in proper claims management. Planwatch reporting packages include on demand reporting, comprehensive analysis, data exploration, historical plan modeling and disclosure reporting. For more information about Planwatch, visit their website: or contact Georgeann Seuffert, Vice President of Sales at (888) 275-2242 ext. 303 or