Sunday October 21, 2007

New: Paid Claims Distribution for Claims Review

You know how you're always telling clients that more than 80% of spending will go to less than 20% of the covered population? That one of the most important goals a self-funded group can take on is keeping well / moderate risk members out of the high risk / complex care tier? Now you can show the exact impact of the 80/20 rule to a program's bottom line with Paid Claims Distribution for Claims Review:

Claimants are grouped into one of fifteen expense bands ranging from $250 to $1 million. The chart then plots the percentage of members in each expense band against the percentage of plan expenditure for the same. Cumulative values make it easy to establish how closely the plan is following the 80/20 rule and whether action is required to help control spending.

Please see the Planwatch Documentation for additional information. Paid Claims Distribution is immediately available to all new and existing users.

"Planwatch Documentation - Paid Claims Distribution"