Saturday August 08, 2015

Planwatch Solves Reporting Struggles

Planwatch Solves Reporting Struggles
for Health Plans and Insurance Companies

August 8th, 2015 Stow, Ohio – Planwatch is a product of ProServe Health Informatics, LLC. Planwatch is celebrating the 10th year of operation this year and appreciates all our Third Party Administrators, Health Plans, HMOs, Insurance Companies and Self-Administered Employer Groups, Cost Containment Organizations and Claim Adjudication systems we serve. Our product has evolved in many dynamic directions over the years which has allowed our Clients to retain and grow their block of business.

The latest enhancement focuses on Health Plans, Insurance Companies and HMOs, struggles to provide an integrated and very powerful reporting tool for internal and external users to have the ability to “drill down” and quickly investigate critical trends and costs without disclosing proprietary discount/financial information. “In order to provide a win/win reporting tool for Health Plans, Insurance Companies and HMOs, Planwatch had to possess the ability to protect these Payor’s “secret sauce” by blinding certain financial fields dictated by user access or business line segment (Self-Funded, Fully Funded, Medicare and Medicaid etc.)“, said Georgeann Seuffert, Vice President of Sales Planwatch. “The reporting provides these Payor’s clients and brokers/consultants an easy to use, intuitive and instantly accessible reporting package that provides an invaluable tool for evaluating healthcare performance. Planwatch provides the resources and the solution to identify cost drivers, illustrate plan changes and drive engagement strategy in order to help lower health care costs in a more efficient manner.”

Testimonial from Paramount, Planwatch’s most recent implemented Health Plan: “Paramount was looking for a web based robust reporting tool that could be tailored for all of our business segments”, said Jennifer Hunt, Director of Actuarial Services, Paramount. “ProServe provides incredible value as they have a great product in Planwatch and tremendous people working for them. We look forward to working with Planwatch as we provide support to our clients in identifying key performance drivers and metrics, map those against benchmarks and shape their employee benefit strategies to meet their evolving needs such as improving the individual experience of care, improving the health of their members, and reducing their overall plan costs.”

About Planwatch

Planwatch is a product of ProServe Health Informatics. It was developed in 2005 by company co-founders who recognized both the need and the solution for an economical, user-friendly, high level data analysis and reporting system for Third Party Administrators, Health Plans, HMOs, Insurance Companies, Self-Administered Employer Groups, Stop Loss Carriers, Cost Containment Companies and Claim Adjudication Systems. This web based product allows these Payors to gain a thorough understanding of the needs of an employer population and helps make sense of ACA mandates and changes. By streamlining the reporting process, Payors are able to share this valuable detailed claim information to assist their broker partners and Clients in proper claims management. Planwatch reporting packages include on demand reporting, comprehensive analysis, data exploration, historical plan modeling, benchmarking and disclosure reporting.

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