Thursday March 08, 2012

Employee Benefits Administrators Inc. Chooses United Claim Solutions Bill Auditing and Data Analytics

Phoenix, Arizona March 8, 2012 – Employee Benefits Administrators Inc. (EBA) has implemented United Claim Solutions’ (UCS) front-end bill auditing and private labeled data analytic reporting application, WatchDog. Integration of these two products will assist EBA in addressing the control, risk and quality of service concerns that are an inherent problem in third party claims administration. In today’s volatile healthcare market, utilizing WatchDog will streamline the reporting process and provide EBA with the resources necessary to illustrate claim management program savings, monitor and maximize a plans performance while minimizing plan expenditures.

“Our TPA clients came to us looking for an integrated, turnkey approach with simple, accurate and secure methods to tackle the rapid escalating cost of healthcare services”, said Joshua Carder, President of United Claim Solutions. “By piecing the healthcare puzzle together and consolidating these services, our clients can now monitor the claim from billing to payment to reporting to address the challenge of the never ending insurance cycle while lowering their operating costs”.

“EBA began using UCS for PPO Network administration and non-par claims processing, and it has turned into a lot more than this now. UCS’s bill auditing has been very beneficial not only to EBA, but to our clients. This processing has saved our clients REAL money”, said Pamela Gibson, President of Employee Benefits Administrators, Inc. ”WatchDog reporting is a powerful tool that gives EBA drill down capabilities to report to our clients on how to maximize their plans, to save added cost for both the employer and employee. The on-line, web based reporting is user friendly and allows our clients to see the overall performance of the plan. Reporting includes network utilization, trending by categories, detailed plan modeling, accurate disclosure to reinsurance carriers, and so much more. EBA has been extremely satisfied with UCS and WatchDog reporting, and would recommend their services to other TPAs.”

ABOUT Employee Benefits Administrators Inc: Employee Benefit Administrators Inc. (EBA) is a full service benefit administrator of health and welfare plans for active and retired employees. Employee Benefits Administrators Inc., located in Elizabethtown, KY, was formed in response to a rapidly changing healthcare industry. EBA utilizes EBIX’s system integration capabilities and technology platform to process claims efficiently, behind the scenes, to provide better service to employees and employers. Realizing that one insurance company could not meet all healthcare needs, EBA put together a team of professionals with many years of third party administration experience. This makes it possible for EBA to help gain control of healthcare dollars by providing clients viable and validated options and guidance in developments.

ABOUT United Claim Solutions: United Claim Solutions (UCS), headquartered in Phoenix, AZ, is a leader in medical claim savings utilizing proprietary technology. UCS provides comprehensive savings for clients through PPO Network Administration, Out-of-Network Discounts, OCR Services, Bill Auditing, Claims Editing, Data Warehousing, Data Risk Analysis, and Medical Management Services. Clients interface with UCS through an online claim submittal and reporting system, United Claim Xchange (UCX), or through HIPAA complaint EDI transactions to reprice both in-network and out-of-network medical claims. To ensure legal compliance and maximum privacy, all services are handled through one location in Phoenix, Arizona. The Phoenix-based healthcare savings company directly services over 80 clients representing more than 5,000 businesses nationwide. For more information about UCS please visit or contact Carolyn Carder, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, at (866) 762- 4456, Ext.106 or