Wednesday July 29, 2009

WLT Introduces BPIV2 to Enhance Benefit Management Efficiencies

Clearwater, Florida, July 21st, 2009: WLT is pleased to announce the release of the latest supplemental product BPIV2. BPIV2 is a powerful web-based tool providing customized health plan data and analysis - past, present and projected. Developed to maximize the performance and minimize the cost of employer funded plans. BPIV2 details costs, identifies trends, creates plan modeling outcomes, simplifies the disclosure process, evaluates change and performs a multitude of additional data analysis tasks quickly and easily. It blazes a new trail in benefit management efficiency and delivers results to the bottom line.

This newly private labeled product, using the Planwatch platform, is a powerful benefit plan informatics tool that uses a report-oriented approach to provide in detail, a financial overview of claims data in more than 20 categories. All reports are retrievable on demand and include easily interpreted information for use in confirming a plans performance and where plan modifications may be warranted. A data exploration with drill-down capabilities and trend component compliments the reporting features by enabling in-depth benefit inspection down to the specific charge level while evaluating trends by specific benefit categories.

“We are excited about the availability of the BPIV2 interface. WLT customers will experience greater efficiencies. This interface allows WLT customers to identify cost drivers and specify how, when, and where money is being spent. As user friendly as it is versatile, BPIV2 makes it easy to discover, verify, and adjust health plan related expenditures.” said Tom Brooks, CEO of WLT Software.

ABOUT WLT Software: For over a quarter of a Century WLT Software has been an international leader in providing claims administration software, and professional services solutions. Developed with innovative and advanced technology, WLT’s claims administration software is designed to provide fast and accurate real-time claims processing. WLT’s success has been built not only on its technological expertise in systems development and enhancements, but also on the consistency of quality and personalized support our service team provides to our Clients. It is this foundation that has positioned WLT where it is today, one of the leading insurance software and service providers in the world. Visit for more information.

ABOUT BPI V2: BPI V2 is powered by WLT using the Planwatch platform. Planwatch is a product of ProServe Health Informatics. Development began in 2005 by company co-founders who recognized both the need and the solution for an economical, user-friendly, high level data analysis and reporting system for Third Party Administrators. This web based BPI V2 product allows Third Party Administrators to gain a thorough understanding of the needs of an employer population. By streamlining the reporting process, TPA’s are able to share this valuable detailed claim information to assist their broker partners in proper claims management. BPI V2 reporting packages include on demand reporting, comprehensive analysis, data exploration, historical plan modeling and disclosure reporting.