Thursday October 09, 2014

American Benefit Corporation Selects Planwatch for Data Analytics and Plan Modeling

October 9th, 2014 - Ona, West Virginia – American Benefit Corporation, an ABC Holding Company, selects Planwatch's robust data analytic reporting and plan modeling tool for clients, consultants and internal staff. ABC identified the importance for an integrated and very powerful reporting tool that would allow Consultants to 'drill down' and quickly investigate critical trends. By using Planwatch as that data tool, it made it simple, accurate and provides secure methods to extend access to healthcare data to outside consultants and actuaries in order to tackle the rapid escalating cost of healthcare services.
"ABC recognized that in order for its current clients and prospects to remain financially viable they must have the ability to manage costs effectively," said Ryan Jones, ABC Chief Executive Officer. "In order to manage costs, one must be able to determine and provide outcomes on what are the primary cost drivers and if they fall within acceptable norms when compared to historical experience and 'like business' norms. The plan modeling feature allows us to make 'on-demand' estimates to our clients when considering plan design changes. ABC is committed to bringing the highest level of customer satisfaction and quality to our Clients – we expect that from our vendors –Planwatch was very helpful and responsive during the implementation process. By incorporating Planwatch into our daily structure, it has freed up our programmers to work on more critical issues." "Planwatch was selected by American Benefit Corporation out of seven reporting vendors through an extensive RFP and interview/demo process," said Georgeann Seuffert, Planwatch Vice President of Sales. "Planwatch reporting provides ABC clients and consultants an easy to use, intuitive and instantly accessible reporting package that provided an invaluable tool for evaluating their Plan's performance. These tools give ABC a great advantage in the TPA world and help their consultants to implement strategies for lower costing health care in a more efficient manner. Planwatch looks forward to playing an important role in the many successes that ABC will bring in business growth and retention."

About American Benefit Corporation
American Benefit Corporation (ABC) was created in 1948 in response to the Taft Hartley legislation surrounding collective bargaining. The company is headquartered in Huntington, WV and has additional offices throughout Ohio. ABC is a leading provider of Taft-Hartley benefits plan administration, and specialize in customizing group benefit plans for both Union and Non-Union groups and offer advanced technology solutions and capabilities. During its 66 year history ABC has primarily serviced the needs of Taft Hartley/Union groups throughout the Midwest of employee benefit experience. American Benefit Corporation has empowered clients to achieve the results they need from their employee benefit plans. For more information on American Benefit Corporation, visit their website: or contact Ryan Jones, Chief Executive Officer at 304-525-0331 or

About Planwatch
Planwatch is a product of ProServe Health Informatics. It was developed in 2005 by company co-founders who recognized both the need and the solution for an economical, user-friendly, high level data analysis and reporting system for Third Party Administrators, Insurance Companies, Self-Administered Employer Groups, Stop Loss Carriers, Cost Containment Companies and Claim Adjudication Systems. This web based product allows Third Party Administrators to gain a thorough understanding of the needs of an employer population and helps make sense of ACA mandates and changes. By streamlining the reporting process, TPAs are able to share this valuable detailed claim information to assist their broker partners in proper claims management. Planwatch reporting packages include on demand reporting, comprehensive analysis, data exploration, historical plan modeling, benchmarking and disclosure reporting. For more information about Planwatch, visit their website: or contact Georgeann Seuffert, Vice President of Sales at (888) 275-2242 ext. 303 or