Wednesday January 24, 2007

Launch: The Health Benefit News River

Over the past year, we've seen a huge increase in the amount of quality health care related content being published on the web. After trying a variety of desktop and web based news aggregators, we found that a simple River of News had the most impact in enabling and encouraging our team to keep up with the wider industry. This was so successful as an internal experiment that we decided to see if the site might be useful to a wider audience.

While our primary goal is to provide a low barrier tool that makes it easy to find and keep up with the health blogosphere, we also plan on providing resources to assist individuals and organizations in publishing for the web. In the future we will be adding links to publishing tools, articles covering best practices for syndication, and information on content licensing.

Please contact Ryan Tomayko if you would like to be syndicated; we are especially interested in individuals and organizations publishing content related to providing, processing, or managing health benefit plans (e.g., TPAs, Brokers, Insurers, HR personnel, and Technology Vendors).

For more information on the history, technology, and goals behind the project, see About The Health News River.

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