Thursday September 14, 2006

Enhanced Design and 20x Increase in Processing Speed

Proserve Health Informatics upgrades the design of Planwatch with enhancements in: high resolution printed reports, a la cart printing features and processing speed.

A focus on user centered design led to upgrades on the look and feel of Planwatch. You utilize the precision and simplicity of the graphical report convey complex analytical information, and we have improved the quality of those reports. The reports now feature a variety of graph styles and maintain high resolution both online and in print.

We also took your time into consideration and added a la cart printing and increased the processing speed of the Plan Modeler. You can now completely re-adjudicate claims 20x faster than before and print specific graphs rather than the entire report.

Planwatch provides the platform that allows TPAs to offer analytics as a service. You have complete control over user access as well as the ability to blind data when necessary. Specific access parameters are automatically set when users are designated as:Administrator, Broker, Sponsor, or Account/Sales Representative.

Take a moment to view Planwatch and see how simple it would be to add powerful analytics as a service.