Report Oriented Analysis

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There is no business concept more familiar than that of The Report. From the corporate executive to the clerical worker to the analyst, the information required to make good decisions is very often conveyed to the decision maker in the form of a simple report. Reports are familiar, reports are simple, reports work.

At the same time, powerful advancements in Data warehousing, Online Analytical Processing (OLAP), and Dimensional Modeling have also made it possible to perform advanced forms of interactive analysis quickly and efficiently. This power tends to come at a price, however: the tools used for advanced analytics are costly and the techniques employed often require a trained specialist. These costs quickly become prohibitive in the already pinched world of employer funded health benefits, leaving the value of modern analytics largely unrealized.

But not anymore. Planwatch combines the simplicity of standard business reporting with the power of advanced analytics by taking a report oriented approach to analysis.

Let Important Information Come to You

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The Claims Review and Trend Analysis modules include a set of powerful top level reports with summary and trend information on network, benefit, provider, diagnosis, member demographic, and overall plan performance. Developed with the cooperation of TPA data analyst, sales, and marketing staff, these reports provide a complete, high level analysis of a plan's financial situation.

Running a new report is as simple as selecting a time period and group/division. Full reports are available in seconds, making it possible to analyze even large groups and long time periods in minutes.

Explore Every Aspect of Plan Performance with Drill Down

Pin-point the exact source (or sources) of specific activity displayed on higher level reports with drill down. The context of any report can be narrowed to a very specific criteria or widened for a broader view of the claim set with a simple click of a link.

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Once the analysis has been narrowed to a specific subject area, you can adjust the view so that charges are broken down and rolled up on any of the following plan dimensions:

  • Group / Division
  • Plan
  • Employee or Member
  • Age Group
  • Care Provider
  • Place of Service
  • Network Contract
  • Charge Type / Benefit Code
  • Claim Number

Navigating the intricate details of claims activity never requires leaving the familiar report based interface.

Presentation Ready Reports and Print Copies

Many web based analytical tools have poor support for print. Graphs and charts are often blurry and you're stuck with a fixed color palette and layout. We take printing seriously. High resolution graphics and custom typesetting are used for a clean and professional look. Reports are customized for your brand and include a customized logo, title page, header, and footer.

Get Adobe Reader

Any report can be exported to PDF for print, sharing via email, or for use when an internet connection is not available. Export individual sections to PDF or export all sections as a single PDF document with multiple pages.