Hosted and Fully Managed Datamart

Planwatch is a Datamart specialized for the analysis of health benefit claims. Fully adjudicated claims data is regularly extracted from TPA claims processing systems and transmitted over a secure connection to our fully managed servers where it is transformed into a structure optimized for analysis. Historical claims activity can then be accessed via Planwatch's Web Based Interactive Reports, available anywhere using a standard web browser.


Fast Turnaround

In most cases, new claims data is extracted from TPA systems and fed into Planwatch on a monthly basis. Data is typically available for analysis after a single business day and is guaranteed by the third business day.

No Custom Programming

Planwatch supports a variety of claims and eligibility extract formats, including standard extracts from leading claims processing systems:

Custom extract formats are also supported with no additional programming. Custom mapping from TPA provided formats to Planwatch's internal storage structure is performed by us as part of your normal service contract.

Access for Anyone, Anywhere

Access reports and perform in-depth analysis from anywhere using a standard web browser, such as Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox. Built with collaboration in mind, Planwatch enables TPAs, data specialists, brokers, and sponsor companies to share reports and browse historical activity.

All communications is secured using industry standard 128bit SSL encryption.

Systems Management, Monitoring, and Support

Planwatch is an on-demand, Software as a Service (SaaS) application hosted and fully managed by ProServe Health Informatics. 24x7 system monitoring, backup / disaster recovery, and technical support is provided as part of your monthly service contract.

No Software

There is no “software” to install, upgrade, or maintain; we manage everything so you don't have to. You get automatic system upgrades for defect fixes and feature enhancements as part of the package.