Plan Lifecycle Diagram

Business Intelligence for Health Benefits

A phased approach to plan design: comprehensive analysis, concrete evidence of cost drivers, and tested solutions to minimize spending.

  • Comprehensive Health Benefit Plan Analysis

    Planwatch provides an ongoing complete Dimensions thumb financial analysis of employer provided health benefit programs, including more than 25 top level reports on member demographics, diagnosis / lifestyle indicators, benefit usage, provider / network utilization, and more.

  • Plan Modeling and Readjudication Engine

    Adjudication engine thumb

    Calculate the impact of proposed plan design modifications with simulated changes against historical claims activity. Complete readjudication using modified deductible and copay amounts, coinsurance percentages, benefit level maximums, and more.

  • Interactive Reporting

    Interactive reports thumb

    We've taken a report oriented approach to advanced analytics. Planwatch combines the familiarity of standard business reporting with the power of modern business intelligence software. The result: a practical tool just as well suited to simple reporting as it is to hard core analytical tasks.

  • Claims Datamart, Hosted and Fully Managed

    Data is extracted from TPA claims processing Datamart thumb systems, transformed into a structure optimized for analysis, and housed in our managed data center. Access securely from any machine with an Internet connection and web browser. Managed services include monitoring, automated backup, and support.

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